Ashley Oury

My Version of Oz
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2007-12-02 23:24:21 (UTC)

proof? no...just one more example.

god is not real. i want everyone to know this! i have been
told for so long that god loves everyone, that god has a
plan for everyone, that god wants everyone to be happy...

well then why the fuck is he letting so many people suffer
right now. i'll tell you EXACTLY why...because god is not
real. god does not exist. god is BULLSHIT!

when a young heart stops, the world pauses. when a good
heart stops, the world gasps. but when a loved heart stops,
a family cries, friends cry, and everyone suffers.

a very loved man passed away a week ago. A very innocent
person. Just driving home with his sister after visiting a
friend whose father passed away only days before. Being
close to this family, i couldn't help but breakdown and cry.
Watching the family all weekend long has helped me to
realize that i am not losing what they have lost. Yes i knew
him, and yes i cared about him, and no i would not eve want
anything bad to happen to him, but what about his mother?

children are supposed to bury their children, not the other
way around. he had so much ahead of him and now he's gone.
this is fucked up! and all because some kid couldn't stay
awake while driving home at fucking 8.30pm!!!

why couldn't this "great and powerful god" lend a helping
hand to give the kid the ability to stay awake and stay in
his own fucking lane? why couldn't this "great and powerful
god" help zac to stay alive? why couldn't he do ANYTHING
that would save an entire family from feeling the way they
feel now? Why couldn't something be done????

because god isn't real! he doesn't exist! and accidents
happen. so fuck you if you want to tell me anything else! i
have lived this story too many times! and i know how it
goes! i know what it's like to lose the ones you love
because of accidents, or cancer, or murder...i know! and
what i know is that god does not control anything. it is
your choice to not drive when you're tired. it is your
choice to put the gun down and not commit murder. it is your
choice to put down the cigarettes and not get cancer. but
you don't make those choices do you? NO! YOU DON'T!!

you choose to make families suffer. you choose to make the
world cry. you choose to let other's hurt because of your

bad things always happen in 3s...

(1) Zac and Gina were in a car accident killing Zac and
putting Gina in the hospital.

(2) Ory was in the hospital from alcohol poisoning with a
3.5 blood alcohol level when she woke up in the morning.

(3) Trace dislocated his knee walking down stairs.

i am very happy that Gina is okay and i am very happy that
the kid who fell asleep is going to have to pay for what he
has done...and my heart sinks for Zac's family...but i am
telling you all that this is simple proof that


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