Middle Child

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2007-11-30 19:11:47 (UTC)

go away snow!!

it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon and i've decided to write in
you. I shouldn't be writing because I need to get ready for
work. However, as I turned on my computer, I looked over my
shoulder to see the tree in my backyard being viciously
moved by the wind. As I stare at the tree I noticed snow
flakes. FACK! I have to leave my house in an hour and 30
mins, and walk to work in this weather!!!! Looking out my
window all I see is white. *sigh* I've been sleeping all
day today. I'm going to get my monthly visitor today and for
that reason i've been sleeping with layers of blankets. When
my body is cold, I get the most painful cramps ever! That's
the reason why i'm not looking forward to stepping outside.
My body is warm. Once I go out, my body will be cold again.
The last thing I need right now is to go to work with major
cramps. I'm working with the male owner today. I don't want
to tell him as I lay crying on the floor 'i have cramps!".

When I come home from work today I'm going to study. No more
fucking around. I've relaxed enough the past 2 weeks. No one
has called me to chill, so I'm not pressure/tempted to go
out today. yay! hopefully I won't feel super lazy today
after work. Anyways, 10 mins has already passed and i still
need to eat lunch, shower and figure out what the hell to
wear! cya!

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