Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2007-11-29 18:09:48 (UTC)

..we can have it anywhere kinda love!!!

I love the song Wreckless love, by Alicia Keys.

Well, what should I start telling you... My sleeping habit
is totally out of sync. My body doesn't go to sleep until
3am, even then i'm not totally sleeping. Then I wake up
every day at 9:30ish-9:45ish. Very odd. Maybe once exams
are over, well that still won't help because my mind will be
focused on whether or not I passed the fuckin' course. Then
i have to fucking start saving up money to pay for the
course again. Bitches. Well, today in class another student
asked if the exam will be less intense as the other previous
exams. So, it shows I'm not the only one with the same
concern. hahaha then the class went quite. pretty funny.

I really hope that once my exam is over (Dec.5) I can relax
and focus with myself. I'm going to be working a lot more
hours this month. I really hope it's not going to be as bad
as I think it's going to be. I just hope that I'm able to
coupe with whatever happens at my work during the holiday
rush. I'm not good with stress and attending 5 costumers all
at once. I just want to get through it without any physical
and mental draining. I want time for me to sleep, bake, go
skating, reading, painting my toe nails, help my mother
decorate the house to get into the holiday spirit. I need
to get my mind off of school next month. That's my main
goal. Once january arrives, it's back to school with 2 new
courses (fuck, i need to save up to buy the books and bus

Ohhhh December come already!!

Once January hits, my birthday will be just around the
corner. Is it just me or does time keep flying by so fast?
Every year, it feels like you haven't seen April or the
summer wasn't even here. I hate life in Toronto. WORK,

Well, all I'm asking for Christmas is to live another year
of being 20. I don't look my age, so maybe I could stay 20
for another year and maybe my face will match my age? haha,
doesn't make sense at all. Whatever, fuck my ex and his
stupid "my friends think i'm dating an 18 year old"


dude, seriously, compare to those girls I look 14. I don't
dress like a hoochie, i don't act all "hahaha i'm 18, but i
wana 25 and do all the grown up stuff" No. I'm 20 and
living my life as a 20 yr old. Whatever, looking young runs
in the family, if anything, I'm blessed.

Alright, i'm just rabbling, not like anyone is reading this
anyways, lol, i'm going to put new sheets on my bed and do
laundry. *sigh*