Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-11-28 04:16:44 (UTC)

we chilled...

I chilled with julian this afternoon and it was just us two.
thank goodness. We talked, but about random stuff. We went
to his apartment for a bit and chilled with his dog as he
got ready for work. When we dropped me off home, he texted
me asking if I would like to go to the movies with him or
with him and those 2 other tag-alongers. I agreed.

I've decided not to sleep tonight until my assignment is
done. So in the morning my mom can look it over, then I can
type out the good copy. yeeeeeeah! Then I can start
studying. FAAACK!
How do students do it?!? You wake up every fuckin' morning
with that thought of ' ok i need to study, then read, then
start my assignment' HOW?! HOW DO YOU DO IT!? Facccck. I
need to be locked in a room and just focus with school. Coo
toes to you by the way!

My father and I built a little house for my cats. It's
getting colder and it's starting to snow. The cats aren't
allowed in the house anymore, so my dad decided to build a
little house in the backyard. It's look cute :)

I'm going to finish watching Family Guy, then i'm going to
start my assignment. NITE!