Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-11-25 23:58:06 (UTC)


I went to mass today. It's been awhile since I've gone and
quite frankly I felt relieved. The priest talk about how
their are parents out there who go to church every sunday to
be a good roll model to their children. However, people see
church as a burden and he said to us, 'if you don't feel
good coming to mass, then don't come at all'. He's right. I
feel guilty every sunday when I'm sleeping in, when I know I
should be in church. But when I'm in church, I feel good. I
feel inspired to be the person I am sent here to do. I'm a
true believer that God has a plan for everyone.

Well, I haven't started studying yet and I have no idea when
I will start. I feel lazy and unmotivated.

P.s They still keep fuckin calling me!!!
GUYS******* when you call a chick, and she don't pick
up and she doesn't call you back....AFTER THE 3RD TIME,
LEAVE HER ALOOOOOONE!!!!!! SHIT! Calling her another 10
times...dude, fuckin' move on.