taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2007-11-25 21:26:00 (UTC)

Steam valve

Three weeks have elapsed in opperation "fly the nest" and
my feelings range from "Oh my god" to "whatever," thank
you Bruce Garrioch.

The period of adjustment and aclimatization has at times
requested the company of strong drink (and/or cigarettes
to which I believe my counterpart would agree). With many
of the large tasks out of the way, I'm finding myself with
vast amounts of unoccupied time. How do I spend this time?
(Queue list) loathing things, looking for a job, being on
the phone with the ineptitude that is ODSP, being
depresso, cleaning, cooking, cursing, etc. My facebook
time has been cut in half and then half again. Positive.

It is clear that I need a job or a friend or career or
social jusitice initiative or volunteer opportunity or all
five. I mostly enjoy my nouveau living situation, don't
get me wrong, but keep in mind, I'm coming in from a place
with COMPLETELY different standards. I've been handled
with kid gloves. I've never spent more than two days at a
time out of the suburbs. And yes, I am afflicted by a
neuropathy of crippling proportions! This is a whole new
animal for one Derrick Brose, so excuse for me for being
more than a little out of sorts, because I am out of
sorts, I'm wayyy out of sorts. 80% of my support network
is a seven and a half hour drive away. I feel like I
haven't said much of anything in a month, because noone
knows me or wants to hear what I have to say. There is no
Senators buzz to speak of.

All of this simply supplies me with the desire to bear
down harder and attempt to kick in the teeth of the whole
whack scenario. I love Veronica and I think we are both
proper fucked up and stubborn as wild bores. And she works
a lot. And I have "worked" harder than ever before.

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