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2007-11-25 06:26:34 (UTC)

Love- or Not

Jamie & B

Vibration No 9:
You are a very peculiar couple. If you really manage to get
along, your couple will serve you to learn to grow both as
individuals and as members of a society. When you are
together, you tend to identify with each other and vibrate
with a similar behavior. You are very emotional, moody,
sensitive and affectionate. Both of you love good food, as
well as order and comfort wherever you choose to live. Both
tend to be faithful, but each one needs to retain their
individuality as a person and take their place within
society. Above all, you need the other person to show their
At a sexual level, both need motivation from the other,
otherwise, you may become introverted or harbor negative
In general, relationships with this vibration are made up
of two people who have got together after many losses at
the emotional level and that’s why it is important that you
provide the other with the security they need. It is
important that you take up some activity together, like
dancing, or a sport.

Jamie & G

Vibration No 6:
Your relationship is based on mutual respect and love, you
are great mates because your relationship is noble and
transparent. You love beauty in all its manifestations.
You both have a tendency to sacrifice yourselves for the
sake others, and you do not set the necessary limits so
that those others do not invade your relationship.
In general, your relationship is relaxed and charming, you
are generous and spontaneous to each other. If you both
feel that you may get to be comfortable in each other’s
company, the relationship will be sudden and the need to be
close together will appear from the very moment you meet.
You will enjoy music shows or any other display where all
the beauty of love is expressed. You love harmony and love
above all. The only advice fit for this relationship is
that you try to deepen your feelings.

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