Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-11-21 22:45:24 (UTC)

I wanted to bake

Last night I had such a craving for cookies and muffins and
brownies mmmmmm. So this afternoon I went out with my mother
to the mall and I went to buy some ingredients for the
brownies. Also, I bought muffin mix; I'm cheating! I wanted
to make it at scratch, but Banana muffin! and Apple Cinnamon
muffin! I couldn't help by buy them. When I got home it was
already 4pm and my brothers were going to be home. I don't
like baking/cooking when my brothers or dad is home. They
stick around in the kitchen asking to help test the mix!
ugh! BOYS! Baking relaxes me because it keeps my mind off of
everything else. I especially like baking for the christmas
holidays. Anyways, I'll hold off on the baking until friday
morning when I'm home with my mother. Thursday I have
school from 8am to 5pm, ugh!

I need to get my head back into focus mode. I've got exams
in 2 weeks from today and an assignment 6 days from today. I
think I'll read today and then try asking the questions
tomorrow on my 4 hour break. This time I won't bring my
laptop, therefore it can't distract me from doing my

OOOOH! Eric texted me monday afternoon and I still haven't
replied! yikes! Maybe I'll give him a call tonight to
apologize for my blocking everyone from my life. Ugh, I
still don't know why!!! And then my cousin texted me saying
he hasn't spoken to me in such a long time and how he can't
get a hold of me through facebook. I didn't tell him I
deleted it until today, so now he's asking questions. Do I
really have a valid reason to deleting facebook? I don't
think I do. But the honest truth is that I'm too damn
addicted to that thing and I can't stop but see what my ex
is up to. I'M SICK OF IT! I'll probably go back on sometime
near christmas. We'll see how I feel. But for now, it's a