Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-11-21 00:09:11 (UTC)

Red Flags

I was reading the cosmopolitan magazine not too long ago and
I started thinking about my ex again. I was thinking about
the red flags in the relationship and how the 7 months we
dated could have ended sooner and I wouldn't have been the
one who got dumped.

So, here it is; The Red Flags- Signs It's Time To End It!

== Whenever you two have a chance to be together, he needs
to call a friend(s) to come hang out.
----WHY? It's like he doesn't want to be alone with you or
that he finds you boring?!

== When out with friends, he won't physically show you he
likes you. IE; put arm around your shoulder or waste, lean
in for kisses, grabs your hand.
----WHY? Because he says he doesn't want his buddies to feel
awkward around us, since they don't have girlfriends. FUCK
THAT! They are 23, they need to grow the fuck up!

== When your friends start asking you why you and your
boyfriend broke up, even when it never happened?
----WHY? Ladies, he's talking about it to someone and it
leaked out. He's having second thoughts. However, when you
confront him and he acts all mad looking and says, 'I need
to talk to someone about this' yaaaaa... end it.

== When you look at him and think 'ya, I'm not feeling him
anymore' Leave.
----WHY? Ladies, we all know that once a woman has made up
her mind about something, no one can change your mind. Once
you've decided that you don't want to be with him anymore,
end it. Or you'll regret it once months have gone by and HE
ends it.

== When he starts saying 'why don't you dress like that?',
'your too short' (when at frist it didn't bother him and now
it does?) 'I use to be the corny one, but i'm not, you
are!' ,when you act all goofy and he says 'ew, don't do
that!' - last time i checked, guys love a goofy girl.
----WHY? It seems like everything about you bothers him.
Leave. You shouldn't have to change yourself for anyone. ANYONE!

That's it for now. Damn there's a lot. But it's ok, you live
and learn =)