more human than human
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2007-11-20 21:56:04 (UTC)


I could see you look at me
The way they only seem to in movies
Out of the corner of my eye
Then I'd go home and wonder for hours, why

That was many years ago,
we were kids waiting for tomorrow
Well now we've met again,
And now I wonder for hours when
You'll look at me like that.

You would take me far away
Okay, not so far, but driving for a day
And when I got home I
Would think of you, and wonder why,

Because on those drives
I would catch you from the corner of my eye
Looking at me again
I could tell you were wondering when

I'd look at you like that
Well now look at me here I am,
You can see me look at you
The way only movie stars seem to do,
And sometimes I want to sit for hours cry
At night wondering why

You don't look at me like that anymore...

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