Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-11-19 16:10:47 (UTC)


I asked my mom to get me a gift certificate for chapters
indigo this Christmas. As usual, she rolled her eyes at me,
bitch. She keeps giving me attitude! I hate it. I yell at
her asking her what her problem is and she just sits in
silence like a kid. UGH!

Last night I went out with my boys for a coffee. I told him
some of the reasons why I deleted myself from facebook. One
of them didn't really understand and the other one totally
agreed with me. I need to stop thinking about him and
facebook just reminds me of him. Anyways, I'll go back on
after exams or before my birthday so i can create an event
about it. We'll see when the time comes.

See, that's why I like talking to my boys. They both have
different opinions, different views, different reasons,
different personalities.

I called that guy last night. He seemed sad. lol. oh well.
We decided to hang out wednesday morning before he goes to
work. I don't really want to. I think I did it because I'm
stupid and too nice. I think I'm going to cancel on him. I
don't want ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE! I also didn't try
talking to the other guy. He called me for a bit last night,
then he went out with his buddies to watch a football game.
I don't like talking to this guy. He's boring. We don't
really talk about anything. I've learned that that's a big
no no. If you can't talk about stuff when you're just
friends, you won't be able to talk when dating? OR does that
change? Can you build up on that? Who knows man. It ones of
those answers of 'it depends on the people' kind of
response. I don't want anything to do with them. period.

I cleaned my room last night before going out. OH SHIT! I
have clothes in the washer machine. I'll get that done
today. I am going to started with my assignment today, which
is due in 10 days. I want to have it done by wednesday
night, so I can get the TA to look it over. I need to
amazing on this assignemtn and I will do well on it. I'm a
smart girl. I can do it! I'm a smart girl, I can do it!

" It's my time to shine. It's about time!"