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2007-11-19 07:16:44 (UTC)

No title

Have you ever got to the point where nothing matters...
When someone has hurt you so bad... So deep... That
everything... Everyone... Becomes utterly meaningless...
Life... Is just so pointless.

I wake up, and work my ass off... For what? Huh? FOR WHAT!

I'm just so sick of getting jerked around by people who
claim they care... When its obvious they only care about
themselves and their own personal needs. I'd give
anything... a life... a limb... Anything... To have what
other people have.. But because it's me, i'll never know it.
Everyone has either cheated on me or lied... and i've never
had a relationship longer than three months. And you wonder
why I smoke so much pot... Why I drink so much liquor.. Why
I do the shit I do. It's fun.. But seriously... I would
rather be with someone than smoke a bowl... But that'll
never happen... So I mind as well smoke bowl after bowl
because the only thing I have to look forward to is more
disappointment and more let downs.

I didn't even do anything wrong and I know its my fault..
It's always my fault..

It's my fault that every girlfriend ive ever had has cheated
on me...

It's my fault that I failed at school.

it's my fault im this fucking stupid.

It's my fault I work at mcdonalds..

It's my fault im so worthless..

It's my fault that im this way and I have only me to
blame... Just me and nobody else.

I just hate myself so much... I FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT