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2007-11-18 00:14:44 (UTC)

my baby boy wrestler

Friday my boss was gone for the day so I was able to leave
work at a recent time and went to watch wrestling
practice. I came in and sat down quietly to watch the
practice but as soon as 3 of the boys seen me they kept
coming up to me to talk and I kept shooing them back to
practice saying that if they didn't get back to work that
the coach was going to kick me out. Wow was I impressed
with my son!!!! When I came in he was in the middle
wrestling and the coach had a stop watch on him and after 5
minutes (or a pin) he would blow the whistle and a new
person would come out and wrestle my son, blow the whistle,
new guy would come out and would go against my son---this
went on for about 45 minutes non stop and my poor baby was
sweating so bad but he was holding his own. After practice
when the boys went to change the coach came up to me and
ask me who my child was and I told him who my son was and
why was my son the only one to go against one after another
boy with no break. The coach told me that it is called
learning to deal with pain and physical exhaustion and
being able to breath and push through it. He said that he
wanted to talk to me about putting my son in a traveling
circuit so that he could compete against different states
(if he was good enough to go through the process) I don't
know----I'm not sure if this is what is best for my son--
how much is to much? When does pushing a child's body do
more damage than good?

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