Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-11-17 14:55:17 (UTC)


Good Morning!

Today is the morning of saturday and I'm about to get ready
for my breakfast date with Raquel! woot! I'm excited!

Last night I went to Yuk Yuk's with a few friends. Damn,
that's a place to meet singles! Anyways, it was fun being
their except that I was so hungry and it was packed and the
last act was soooo long and boring. meh, overall i give it a

Dammmmn when I was walking with my friends to yuk yuks,
their were sooo many teenages going to the club. Their had
to be an all ages event! This girls looked like they should
be in bed and the guys were throwing up evvverrryyyywhere!
Shit this one guy was throwing up, but his body looked like
glue and his head was bobblying. It looked as though no one
was home! Shit, I should have said something.

I don't like drinking too much on an empty stomach. Fuck. I
hate that feelings of "oh fuck....i think i'm going to throw
up". I hate it!

Anyways, it's almost 10, and i have to leave my house in 30
mins to meet up with her. Soooo.. if i have anything else
left to say, i'll write in you!