worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2007-11-17 03:18:36 (UTC)

Week Three

Monday AM:
When you get in your car to drive to work today, bring a
small tape recorder and a blank tape. Turn the recorder
on when you start the car. Then begin reciting the
following sentence: “I am a fat, ugly, pathetic cunt.”
Recite this phrase loudly over and over again for the
entire duration of your ride to work. One side of the
tape is 60 minutes, which means there will be 15 minutes
left once you get to work. You will remain in your car
reciting the phrase until side one of the tape is filled.
Make sure you say it loudly and nonstop. Repeat this
process on side two of the tape as you drive home, but
instead say: “I love to be hurt and humiliated”. Remain
in your car repeating the sentence until side two is
filled also.
Monday PM:
No TV tonight. Take the tape from the recorder and play
it back on your stereo inside your house. Play it loud
enough so that you can hear it in every room. Set it on a
continuous play so that it will loop from side one, you
are a fat ugly pathetic cunt, to side two, you love to be
hurt and humiliated, and back again. You can do whatever
you want this evening, except listen to anything else.
Keep it playing throughout the night while you sleep.
Enjoy your new mantras.

Tuesday AM:
Time for some pain this morning, since you love it so
much. Fasten a clothespin to your clit. Tie a one pound
weight to it using a foot and a half of string. Pick the
weight up to the level of your waist and drop it. Yes,
it’s going to hurt. Do it again, and again. Drop the
weight either 10 times, or until it rips the clothespin
off your clit. Have fun torturing yourself you worthless
Tuesday PM:
Tie your hair in a tight ponytail. Fasten a nose hook in
your nose and pulled tight, tied off to your ponytail,
giving you a nice pig-nose. Stick your tongue far out of
your mouth. Tie two chopsticks together above and below
your tongue, as far back as possible so that you cannot
pull your tongue back into your mouth, causing you to
drool incessantly. Now write CUNT on your forehead in red
lipstick. Next take a picture of your pretty face with
your cell phone. Set the picture as your wallpaper and
screensaver on your phone. Send a copy of the picture to
me. Stay like that for at least one full hour.

Wednesday AM:
You may not use the bathroom at all today at work. Make
sure that throughout the day, you drink at least 6 cups of
water. Do not piss! On your way home from work, stop at
the grocery store for some shopping, buy a box of baby
diapers, as large as you can find. Buy a box of adult
diapers too, the cheapest ones you can find. Then
purchase at least one other item from every aisle in the
store. I don’t care if you’re doing the potty-dance the
entire time, complete the shopping trip. Call immediately
when you arrive home.
Wednesday PM:
Put each of your purchases away in their correct place.
Open the box of baby diapers. Put one on. If you
absolutely cannot secure it on you, then you may put on
one the adult diapers instead. If you can fit into the
baby diaper, then throw out the box of adult diapers.
Once in the diaper, you may pee. However, you may not
remove the diaper. You will wear it all night.
Throughout the evening, you must drink at least another 6
cups of liquid. Piss as often as you want. But you may
not remove or change the diaper. You must wear it all
night, and sleep in it. Disgusting whore.

Thursday AM:
You may now remove the diaper and throw it out. Put the
rest of the diapers in a safe location, we’ll be using
them again. Now it’s time for some more pain. You’ve
gotten off way too easy this week. Wear your highest
heels to work today. You must park in the farthest corner
of the parking lot when you get the office and walk around
to the far entrance to the building. No using the
elevator today, stairs only. Do not bring your lunch, you
will walk somewhere to get it. I’m sure by the time the
work day is done your legs and feet will be aching
severely. Good. After work take a stroll around the mall
for at least one hour. In fact, bring your tape player
and headphones. Walk around the mall listening to side
two of your personalized tape, “I love to be hurt and
humiliated.” So you won’t forget why you suffer at my
every command.
Thursday PM:
I’m sure your legs and feet are in agony by now. I
suppose you are hoping they’ll be spared more torment.
For once, I’ll let you decide whether they should suffer
more. You have two options tonight slut. One, you can
strip naked, keep only your evil high heels on, and spend
another grueling hour running on your elliptical machine.
Or two, you can spare your feet and legs, and torture your
fat tits instead. You must attach your tightest nipple
clamps, the ones with the connecting chain. Dangle a five-
pound weight from the chain. Hold the weight up to the
level of your nose, then drop it. Just like earlier this
week, do it again and again. Drop it 20 times. If the
clamps fall off, reattach them and continue. I bet I know
which one you’ll choose, pain loving slut.

Friday AM:
So, you chose to torture your tits last night. Too bad I
already had some more titty torture planned for you this
morning, you might have chosen differently. Oh well.
This morning you will take the fat end of a long stirring
spoon and beat your nipples for me. Smack the spoon
directly on each of your nipples, hard. Smack each nipple
30 times. Then you are to wear your sandpaper bra to work
today. That’s right. Your fat whore tits will be
suffering all day as the sandpaper inside your bra
mercilessly rubs against your already sore nipples all day
Friday PM:
Poor baby, do your fat whore nipples hurt? Tough shit.
Strip. Put your nipple clamps back on. Leave them on
while you whip your fat ass 100 times with the cane. You
better do it nice and hard. If you don’t have bruises on
your ass tomorrow, I will whip your ass another 200
times. After you have finished your whipping, you may
remove the nipple clamps. At 9pm you will get ready for
bed. Naughty girls don’t get to stay up late. First,
smear your cunt and ass with Bengay. Next, tie yourself a
nice tight crotch rope. Make sure it digs into your ass
and cunt hard. Then tie your legs together around the
thighs, knees, and ankles. Tie your ankles to the
baseboard of the bed. Then cuff your hands to the
headboard. Remain like that all night. You are not to
get out of bed until 9am. Sleep tight, if you can.

First things first, take the largest butt plug you own and
get it in your ass – now. I promise you, you will have
something in your ass for the next 24 hours nonstop. And
I don’t want to hear any complaining from you either, you
worthless fucking painslut. Now get your big ass over
here. No breakfast for you. No shower or even brushing
your teeth or hair. You are filthy and disgusting no
matter what you do, so don’t waste your time. Take an old
white t-shirt and write “I am a fat ugly pain-loving pig”
on it. Wear that to drive over here. No pants of any
sort. Keeping your neighbors from seeing your big ass is
your problem. And have a clothespin clamped firmly on
your tongue for the duration of the drive. Play side one
of Monday’s tape, being a fat ugly pathetic cunt, while
you drive. Play it loud, blast it, and drive with the
windows down so everyone else on the road can hear it
too. Hurry up bitch.