Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2007-11-15 15:49:04 (UTC)

don't wana write

I'm not in the mood to write in here, I'm just doing it for
the sake of killing time.

I left my exam half an hour ago. I can honestly say that I
think I did fairly well. I knew 99% of the experiments
mentioned on the exam. WOOT! I'm pretty confident! :D

I'm just sitting in the diner at school, waiting for my
friend to finish class so we can have lunch together. Then
I'm off to my stats exam! yay!!! I'm just going to look over
it for a bit. I'm not going to study any more. I'm done.
What I studied is stuck in my head and that is that!

I've come to a conclusion. I, Costanza, am proud of myself
for being able to balance my time to study for RM and Stats.
I am DAMN proud of myself. I've never had 2 exams on the
same day or 24 hours apart. I'm proud of myself! Tonight
when I get home, I'm going to relax my fuckin' ass and just
lounge around my house. This weekend I'm going to start with
my RM assignment. I NEED to do well on this assignment and
in order for that to happen, you need to work on it in advanced!

That's it. That is the secret to success!

Don't cram.

Do you shit in advanced and reread it.

That's all there is to it!

I'm going to prove that theory! Hahahaha! RM IN ACTION!

I'm bored here. I feel lonely and cold! I need my blanket
and a pillow to sleep on. I want my bed :(
Anyways, I think i'll find some online games or watch some
youtube clips. CIAO!