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2007-11-15 03:51:50 (UTC)

Weekend Date!

So, I'm in need for a friend who cares and what's to see the
good in me.

I've messaged a friend of mine a few weeks ago, asking her
if she would like to plan a day and have breakfast together.
She is so sweet. I love her. She calls me 'the little one'.
She is older then me by 5 years? We went to elementary
school, but of course who remembers that? We became friends
last year when I started working at the same store as her.
She helped me a lot! Anyways, she left, I stayed. She would
come to visit once and awhile, then facebook came.

Anyways, I need an older friends, who are caring and want to
see you happy.

Well, I just need someone else to talk to I think.
"Tablua Rosa" Blank state...of mind. (philosophy)

I'm looking forward to hanging out with her this weekend,
hopefully it's a go!

I just called Anthony. He sounds hot on the phone, teehehe.
I don't think I like him. I think I like knowing that he
likes me and that he calls/texts me and wants to hang out
with me AND that he isn't just one of my friends. But dating
is not in the question. I don't want to date for a bit. Once
this little thing between anthony and i is gone. POOF! I
just want time to myself and friends. Theeeeen, I'll maybe
open one eye to see who's around me :)

Anyways, I'm feeling 100% calm. I'm going to go pray, then
grab some food before bed time.


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