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2007-11-14 17:32:33 (UTC)


Finger nails peel to bone,
All the blood leaks down,
He lays under stormy skies,
Alone in the winter night,
Something doesan't feel right,
He longs for someone to hold tight,
He doubts the ability to feel,
Cause he knows what is real,
This world is cold, distant and cruel,
It'll steal all you have, its so surreal,

Tears of a fallen son,
Don't blame everyone,
No one feels what you feel,
But understand it is real,
Merely a prelude to death,
For when I die,
I'll ride the chariot to devil's side,
He can be my friend,
He can be my savior,
I'll have no friends there,
Only those who choose to help themselves,

I'm a genuine person,
Fallen back on some hard times,
One after another I seem to falter,
Fall straight on my ass,
But its when you get up,
You may pass the test,
Don't let it beat you up,
Even though your friends blame you,
Saying its your fault you are alone,
Your fault that you ended up this way,
It is your fault; all your fault,

In School I never met anyone,
They all laughed at me and poked fun,
But in the end I got my way,
If I coulden't win their respect,
I wanted to be remembered anyway,
So I put on the black pants and shirt,
I pretended to be someone else,
And my dream came true at a price,
All I see is their faces laughing at me,
Oh god, I was happy when the day was done,
Oh no, the next day has begun,
Some how, I have to meet someone,
Maybe if this isn't the way to be,
I have to change myself... Change me

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