Waka Waka Waka
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2007-11-13 11:23:06 (UTC)

Good Morning Fall!!!!

This fall was been filled with rain and dark days, I'm so
ready for spring again!!! I told my head boss that I think
that I have "winter depression" and could he look into
buying a tanner for the office so that I can get my daily
dose of the sun which would make me a nicer person to work
with----he didn't see the benifit of that and told me not
to waste the paper to request it----rrrrrr!!! But he was
smiling the whole time, I once told him "You must
absolutley hate my guts and pray for the day that I quite"
and he told me that "no, I was like a breath of fresh air
because he never knew what to expect to come out of my
mouth from day to day" I told him that I was put on this
Earth so that he knew how NOT to let his daughters turn
out!!:) He's a good guy, alot of rage issues, but I would
probably be the same if I was in his position. I left work
at a decent time so that I could watch alittle of wrestling
practice before it was done and we have a new coach this
year and he was talking to one of the dad's and the dad was
asking how his son was doing (his son is a new boy in our
school this year) and the coach was telling him that his
boy was doing well and that he was pinning every one he put
him against so he put him against my son (my son is a year
younger) and that my son was the only one to pin him but
that for his son to beat "AJ" would be something (coach
didn't know who I was and my chest just pumped out!!!) The
boys dad kept trying to talk to me and I was giving him
short answers and then AJ walked up and glared at the dad---
-my boys are my life but sometimes they are to protective.
I feel bad for anyone who tries to get to close to me
because I think they will make their life a living hell.
Sometimes I think I should rein them in and then other
times I think that they seen such bad things at such a
young age that they are to protective of me and never want
that to happen again. I'm lucky when it comes to my boys
that I don't have a lot of the problems that other people
have with their teenagers, I really do think they respect
me and the 3 of us really do seem to have a very close
bond. I guess that is not a bad thing because I always
tried to teach them that they had to watch out for each
other and how important family is and that if you don't
have family---you really don't have anything. Family is
important to me and I want my boys always to be close.