Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-11-12 02:21:50 (UTC)


I did 90% of my stats assignment thanks to a family friend
=) He totally helped me out a lot. it's 9:10pm and I'll be
chilling for 4 hours now. I need to get back to studying
once i'm done writing in my diarrhea lol. nasty.

So anthony wanted to see me tonight. Usually every sunday
nights i go out with my bitches, and because of that I told
him i couldn't go out with him. and plus, he wanted me to go
to his house. But i was talking to him later on today and I
don't know I have mixed feelings with him. I've known him
for 2 years now. we talk on and off. but this time around
we're being so flirty and tease each other. I'm getting the
impression he wants me at his house for other reasons, but
when i bring it up he always asks if i trust him. i think i
do? I know he won't rape me. but i know he would want to
make out. I want to, but then i dont. I want to stop talking
to him, but then i don't. I don't know whats wrong with him,
it's like he's my rebound guy. I always end up talking to
him when im all 'i hate guys' 'guys suck!'. Maybe if he was
a little bit hotter? blah. i hate this. He's got all the
qualities that I want and like. Maybe i won't speak to him
as much this week and blame it on my studying. I'll try that.

Hmmm... what else is on my mind. nothing. just exams and
anthony. stupid boys- they never leave your head!

I'm going to read now! Wish me luck that I don't sleep!