2001-10-09 20:54:42 (UTC)

nothign special?!??

today is a normal same old day.... i woke up went to school
did sum work when i felt like it. ahh last nite i dyed my
hair now its puurple so im a freak, ashleigh and lauren are
here ash is rite here , so is erica (my sister) adn lauren
is laying on the couch anyways im really happy beacuse? of
stuff yeah well guys are being nice so its good and
tommarow i gotta go get my hair dyed normal well i dont
have to i just want to.. u mite think it looks cool but
when its on u its not u feel like a freaak and feel liek u
stand out in those big crowds liek this kid i know named..
well nevermind but tommarow i have detention.. ugh...
abby has it too so at least someone will be there cuz it
sucks when yur liek yur only friend in there if u know what
i mean??.. dude people are nuts sending me those chat
requests on icq that is my life if u didn't know. i don't
do sports and all that shit im a lazy bum...

lauren and ash just left now im just here all alone
well besides erica, im thinking about wat i should do this
friday i dono i think im gona go to the mall again its
pretty fun last week i went with casey, kim, and samG and
casey knew practically the whole entire mall (the people im
saying) she said hi to litterally 30 people! her ex was
there, tommy, we were kinda following him around and stuff
hes liek really ghetto and stuff its pretty cool i think.
well im trying to think of stuff to write in here so im
just gona keep writing stuff... uhh its tuesday this
weekend was pretty cool, as i told u we went to the mall
friday then casey sleptover then saturday mornning we went
downtown for a little while and then we got burger king and
came back home then some people came over marc, joe, sami,
jutt, rob, mike, adam, and josh only for a little bit.when
my parents left me and casye took my moms car driving it
was so funny then sami and joe took us driving down the
street ha it was pretty cool just hoping we wouldnt get
caught(but we didn't). then later on me and casey walked to
adams party it was kinda dumb but oh well, we stayed from
7:30-9:30 then we walked to my house and we walked back
with sami and we tlaked to him and stuff. then marc walked
over then they left then mela & erica came home so we all
decided to walk back to the party at about 10:30 but we
came back at 11:00 and they went on the computer but i fell
asleep in my sunroom and everyone else did except melisanda
and it was 1:00 in the morning and my parents weren't home
yet so she woke us up and we ran down the street past this
haunted garage place where these people hung themselves and
the house next to it which used to be a funeral home and
went to adams till about 2:00 then we all came home and i
went back to sleep but they stayed up and my parents
finally came home at 3:30 and everyone was making chicken
patties i dono why but oh well the next day which was
sunday me n case walked over to adams AGAIN at liek 10:00
in the morning but we came home at 11:00 and case's mom
came to get her. then it was just me,mela, n erica then
lauren came over and joe and sami did for a little bit.
then that night me n erica went over to adams for an hour
and sum other people were there then we came home and i
went to sleep and on monday (which was yesterday) i already
told u wat i did and then we lead to today which i already
wrote and ummm ???okay!!

well me n casey r talkin right now about problems with
liek people and guys and shit like that, people relaly suck
sometimes especially guys if u know wat i mean.

ahh this is really gay my mom wont let abby come over
because of stupid stuff that happened a long time ago but i
dono wat to tell her or wat else to do about it but parents
are like that, they don't think kids can make mistakes but
they can oh well they will learn i guess.

now my mom is screaming at erica cuz she threw the phone
down the stairs and i think its kinda funny hahah my mom
said "she throws it down like a god damn piece of paper, no
wonder this shit doesn't work, freak." those exact words!
pretty funny. huh?? i want some dominos rite now or suttin
to eat cuz i dont feel llike getting up to eat im to tired
or lazy or watever u want to call it i want my old hair
back but its gone now .. how sad? yeah well i gotta go im
goin to read other peoples diaries and ill stop so u can
get on with yur life instead of wasting it reading this....