Middle Child

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2007-11-10 04:02:12 (UTC)

Body Aching

My feet really hurt me from standing in heels for 6 hours
today. Why are heels so uncomfortable? Do woman actually get
use to wearing heels all the time? I highly doubt it. The
part that always hurts me is the bone under the big toe and
the heel. ugh, my feet feel swollen. Tomorrow morning at 9am
I'll be back on heels again! Woot! It's my cousin's wedding
and he is having a lunch, then a dinner. How exciting.

Don't you find it fuckin' hilarious how you only meet family
at weddings or funerals? I do. This cousin that is getting
married, last time I saw him and his family was at my other
cousin's wedding 3 years ago in March.

mmmm weddings. Such a beautiful moment of sharing your love
with everyone. I'm not going to hate on marriage, but for
just a second I am. Isn't stupid how you love someone so
much that you two decided to get married and have a huge ass
party. Is it reeeeally worth spending all that money on a
marriage? Seriously. What's wrong with inviting a few
people, then have them over for dinner? Anyways, I'm
probably just talking a lot of shit because I'm not in that
situation. My opinion might change once it's my turn. Well,
no. It won't change. You know why, because I'm putting all
those thousands of dollars towards buying a home for my
husband and I to live in. My wedding will be small and the
reception will being a hall at the church or at a small
banquet hall.

Damn, my feet really hurt me! I need Anthony to rub my feet.
Damn yesterday I was hanging out with anthony in his car,
and he gave me the most sexy neck massage EVER! I was ready
to fall asleep. Shit. i want him touching me all over in a
professional masseuse way. ( he's a masseuse by the way lol)
I think I love him. I mean, I think i love his hands. UGH I
LOVE MASSAGES!!! I think im gonna call him and tell him to
touch me LOL

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