Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2007-11-09 03:15:38 (UTC)


At the moment I feel on top of the world. Not really, but
I'm good. I'm calm and I'm relaxed.

I chilled with Anthony today. He's cool to hang out with.
I'm being kind of flirtatious with him and I think I should
tone it down a notch. I'm just leading him on to think that
something will happen between us; at least not now. I'm just
on the rebound and enjoying my giggly moments with him AND
to feel better about how angry i feel towards my ex.
Anthony's a man! LOL my ex is a fag waiting to come out of
the closet! haahahahha. I seriously can't date guys who
worry too much about fashion and whats in style. oh well,
i'm not settling down anytime soon, so i'm just kind of
enjoying my university years.

I'm feeling very studious lately. I'm just excited that I
have a week until my exam and I have time to know the
material really well and it excites me. I need to do well on
both exams. Especially my research class which i did
horrible on the last exam.

I'm going back to reading, just came on to write in you :)

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