Nick's Journal
2007-11-05 23:49:28 (UTC)

I must be doing something wrong

well either i am or the guy who just made $19,000 in a month
through this real estate investment program that runs at 3
pm on the local channel.
you see one of the perks of having your afternoon classes
cancelled is that you can just flip on the tv when your con
law paper drives you crazy and lose yourself in the enticing
prospect of making a million dollars in less than a year.
so there i was, slack-jawed as debating whether a de jure
discriminatory purpose was proxy for a discriminatory
economic purpose for five pages makes your brain turn into
a porridge of discombobulated thoughts.
i've been working on this paper for a total of about 12
hours now (not straight) and i think i have it done, but who
am i kidding? within a day or so i will look over it, hate
it, and revise it entirely anyways.
i spend about 10 hours a day at law school, between classes
and homework i actually work (i.e. not play minesweeper
pretending to work at least 9 of those hours). in short,
getting a law degree is a fucking bitchload of work.
so here i am sitting and watching this guy and his wife who
collectively look to have about 23 brain cells between them
clap their hands like mother-fucking seals about this
"house-flipping" investment program.
god damn it.
or those homeless people on the bus (at least i think
they're homeless). they're always concocting some
hare-brained idea and saying how "all that's needed" is some
money and it's a sure thing.
a sure thing?
yeah just put it out there and people will buy it.
sounds like drugs.
not that being a drugdealer is easy by any means.
but i just don't get it.
or when people complain about how it should be easier to
succeed. i guess i sound like one of those grizzled old
world war II vets who's seen everything and grumps at anyone
who thinks shit is handed out on a fucking silver platter.
but it just annoys me when people say that something is too
much work after they've tried it for 5 god damned days.
and i think why is because it reeks of self-entitlement.
it's like when people read the constitution broadly to
somehow encompass their "liberty" to a guaranteed success.
fuck that.
i'm learning first hand the old adage that, "anything that's
worth getting requires hard work."
i just hope that that's not some shit fed to the idiots
while the wise flip houses for a $20,000 profit a month.