I drink Alone
2007-11-05 23:07:26 (UTC)

Sweet November

Still haven't found a house. We want to move before
Christmas for sure, but things are crazy.
We find out the sex of the baby on December 5th. I'm very
excited about that, but I don't have a preference. I'll be
happy with either-or.
The baby is VERY active. I don't remember Hayden being
this active. Or mybe I just didn't know what to look for
with him.
Joe and I plan on getting married around the 17th of this
month. We're just going to the JP and having a family
dinner Saturday night.
The holidays are already sounding stressful with so many
familys to deal with. It's hard to be fair when his
parents are divorced.
Last weekend we went to Sea world with his Dad, Ann, and
little Sabrina. Hayden loved it. Everyone says we're just
wasting our money since he won't remember a thing, but I
think it's totally worth it.

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