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2007-11-03 14:45:50 (UTC)



It's my bestfriend's birthday tonight. He turns 20
today...awwww. Last night we were at another party, but we
ended up leaving early. We were in the subway when it turned
midnight... awww how memorable. lol

I'm going to get my nails done after I eat breakfast. Gotta
shower, then go to the salon. Then go to the mall to pick up
some accessories to wear tonight. Hopefully, I'm just
hoping, to find another gold-like shirt today. I don't know
if i'll feel comfortable wearing a top that shows my
shoulders. hopefully my hair will cover them, if i end up
wearing the shirt.

i'm excited for tonight. i want to look hawt! I am hot, pfff
what am i talking about! hahahaha yaaaa riiiiiiiiiight.

I want to party like a rockstar!!!

Anyways, I hope my buddy has a great night. I organized it =)

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