Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2007-11-02 15:00:55 (UTC)

The Fall of 2007

Halloween is over already. I didn't go out and
celebrate or anything like that. No one was around to hang
with for some reason. More than that, my sleeping hours were
messed up, so all I really did was sleep that night. My
brother has moved out of my dads house not too long ago. He
found an apartment to stay at so he and Dana are living
there now. Same for Robert he and JC also moved out. Martha
and I are still here though.
We have decided to take a break among other things to
sort out our lives. Well whatever happens, I'll always love
her. I'm still un-employed but not near as sad as I was in
my last entry apparently. Actually... you know I really
don't feel sad at all. Feeling pretty good this wonderful
time of the year. My brother still works as a tattoo artist,
if I haven't already mentioned that.
I've taken an odd interest in motorcycle mechanics.
I've really put a lot of effort into getting my old XR75
fixed and running. I've been riding it non-stop everyday.
Its really quite simple once you get used to shifting gears.
I think I'm really ready to get a motorcycle worthy of my
skill. Not that my old XR75 is a poor eyesight. I love that
dirt bike to death. Anyways, I'm going to see what I can do
to get a job at Walmart if at all possible. I think Pet
Palace called me but at the time, my wallet and cell phone
were lost. Four months later, some kind sage returned it to
me after I had given up all hope of ever seeing it again.
Our pet turkey has gotten pretty big. Shes a really
good pet... almost like a dog or something. I haven't been
doing much lately but watch old movies that I wanted to see
but never went because I was emo. Haha, Whatever, emos are
gay. I've seen quite a few of them now, because I've
downloaded them. Anyways, I'll go now and report again next
season or sooner. Out

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