2001-10-09 20:50:04 (UTC)

still thinking...

Ok. 2day I told Monica to hook me up w/ Cj. And well she
told him in the morning and she told me that he sayd that
he was gunna think about it. And so yea Im gunna give him a
week. lol So anyway, I had fun 2day In the morning when I
was walking 2 first period Gavin was giving Cj a piggie
back ride (Man Cj is always in the mood for piggie back
rides in the morning) yea so all of a sudden I get the urge
to jump on his back! lol and I did and we fell lol and Cj
goes what am I doing on the floor lol and Gavin hurt his
leg sumhow and I kept apoligizing to him. Yea than I saw
him after 2nd period like always and I gave him a hug :)
Then I saw him after 3rd period by his locker where I
always see him. Everyday thats the best part of my day. :)
Yea and I just stood there and go hey slut! and I told Adam
that I hope he feels better cuz his stomache hurted and
stuff and he went home early :( Yea then Cj gave me a
hug :) Then I left... Then I saw him after 5th period and I
jumped at him lol yea then when he was goin 2 his class I tryed 2
jump on his back and he didnt know lol and he almost fell :) yea then
Amanda goes man u guys should just hook up lol yea then when I was
walkin 2 my bus he tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and
he was duckin behind me and yea I saw him then I was trying to hold
on 2 his leash and stuff yea then he gave me a hug and got on his bus
next time Im gunna make him walk me 2 my bus first :-P Yea thats the
most Ive ever seen him in a day So yea I was satisfied :) but anyway
yea thats it and I havent talked 2 Wes in a while :( okies byebye
Jesus luvs u!

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