Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-10-31 02:25:37 (UTC)

he keeps coming back


We've been talking to each other for about a year now. Their
were times when he left to alberta, or we just stopped
talking because we were too busy. But we always manage to
pick up where we left off. Even if we are dating someone,
we still tell each other how much we miss hanging out. It's
not convenient for us to date right now. He's constantly
moving. He isn't too lucky with the job scene. Well, as for
me, I'm in toronto (which he dislikes because of the
pollution, lol, he comes to live here with his grandmother
when he has a job in toronto) and I'm at school. Maybe once
I'm done university and have a car, I would love to give our
relationship a try.

I like him a lot. I really do. I think he's the only guy
that knows that I like puzzles, i love board games, I love

A few days after my ex broke it off with me, I spoke to
eric. LOL, you could tell he was kind of happy and sad at
the situation (the fact my ex broke it off).

He told me the sweetest things to me. He said, 'If I wasn't
in a relationship, I would date you right now so no other
guy would take you'. awwww cuteness! (I'm such a goof! lol
thanks for noticing)

Then we started talking about how much we miss each other
and how we should hang out this week.

Then he asked if my ex and I were intimate. I laughed so
much, because I didn't remember that he knew I was a virgin!
hahahaha! I told him that like 2 years ago!!! WOW, I was
surprised. Anyways, I responded telling him we didn't. Then
he told me something else, he said, "You know, I truly
respect your decision, and I respect you so much for that"

THAT....THAT comment right there, was exactly what I needed
to here. After my ex ended the relationship because we
didn't have sex. Damn. Eric man. You know the right things
to say.

By the way, he didn't know the reason why he broke it off,
which made is so much more meaningful.

Anyways, Eric called me an hour ago, we mmight hang out for
a bit tomorrow if i'm not working. OR monday afternoon.

I miss that nerd!!! LOL