Loser In The Making
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2007-10-29 11:21:47 (UTC)


Well I did go "camping" instead we stayed in a motel
because we couldnt find a camping spot.. but justin was
there and emily and colin.. we drank of course. and i got
pregnant.. i had an abortion last saturday the 20th. and
justin and i both wish i would have chickened out. but i
didnt. but we named our unborn child Serenity. to help me
with the fact of taking life away from something that
didnt even have a chance to live, cause ive been against
abortions, but im only 17.

By the looks of it though, in april im getting pregnant
again, justin and i are going to try and have a baby in
january, which is his birthday too. so ill be having a
baby when im 18 and justins either 21 or gonna turn it.

Anyways, thats my update for now.

Your Boo

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