My Gay Misadventures
2007-10-28 15:05:33 (UTC)

T-minus X days

Jeez, who knew.

After all had been said and done, it turns out im ganna
have to move back after all. Its not just a maybe anymore.
I already booked the plane ticket. I leave Saturday
morning. After many months of apartment hunting, two jobs
later, chip decides he doesnt wanna live in Sacramento
anymore, and that he wants to stay at the ranch and finish
school. Well, Fuck. That.
I love this place n all, but another 6weeks in the hills,
stuck with 2 balls off the wall annoying bratty 13year
olds. forget it. Id rather live in texas, with my mom.
Chip n I arnt breaking up, hes ganna come down for
thanksgiving than move down south whens schools over in
I just wish things had ended better (well, duh) -- Im glad
i got to travel tho, see the snow, ride a motocycle, save
the world...
I cant wait to see my kitty again. Ooo, and my boflex.
Ooo, and porno. -- guess it wont be so bad, eh.