Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2007-10-28 04:31:17 (UTC)

My Past

Have you ever seen old friends from your past? The ones you
left behind, because you knew the road they were taking? You
knew you were better then that, so you left them. let them
do their own thing, while you do your thing without being
held back by their negative jealousy comments?

I did.

I left a bunch behind.

I saw a girl I was really close with for about 6 years? We
were best friends. She hurt me emotionally. She knew what a
good family I come from. She knew how successful my brothers
and I can be. She made fun of my skinny fingers, while she
had short fat fingers with no nails. She made fun of my
curly hair, while she had wavey hair. She made fun of the
way I dressed, while she dressed like every other thug-like
chick in toronto.

This is what happened. Last year of highschool was the point
in every student's life when they decided what to do with
the rest of their lives. She decided to go to college. I
encouraged her to go to university, because I she had the
potential. Whereas I decided to go to university. She told
me to my face that she thought it would be better to go to
college, the college she goes to. THAT drew the line for
me. That remark that will never be erased from my memory. 3
years later and I can hear it everytime i fuckin see her
face. How dare you tell me that I'm not capable of making
something out of myself? Who are you to tell me how to live
the rest of my life? Ya, I might have not taken high school
seriously, but who does?! I'm smart. I'm just lazy. High
School doesn't say shit. High school didn't have the
programs I was interested. I was forced to learn shit that I

As of today, 3 years later, I am in my 2nd year of
University, majoring in Psychology. Her on the other hand
took 2 years of law clerk. Meh, it's not bad, you can grow
from that. But I never belittled her.

What made me write is because I saw she has facebook now.
Her display is with her and this other girl I stopped
talking to in elementary school, because she was one jealous
bitch. And that's when I thought, if I stayed friends with
these girls, why I have been the person I am today? would I
be in school? Would I have the great friends I have now?
Would I have ever experienced having an amazing exboyfriend?

I highly fuckin' doubt it.

I would like to thank my mom and dad for being great
parents. Parents that helped me be who I am today. Parents
who are my friends. Parents would want the best of me.
Parents who never say I can't do something.