I drink Alone
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2007-10-26 23:08:35 (UTC)

Seriously this time..shutup.

Gtown drama still. One day we'll grow up enough to not let
stupid things bother us and split friends apart.
I'm pretty much alone again with a couple good friends,
Joe, and Hayden. All the parties seem to be over, and the
friends who I'd meet for drinking and other things are
gone. I don't really miss it, but sometimes it's hard to
fully understand the only reason you were close in the
first place was a shared desire to lose ones mind.
But being five months pregnant I can't very well party so
I start the quiet life again.
Not so bad. I have a man who loves me, a son who keeps me
busy, and the two or three friends who listen to me talk
and hang out to keep things from getting too boring.
For now it's enough, I'm happy

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