Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-10-22 18:13:58 (UTC)

Let's study!!!

I have an exam on thursday at 8:30am. I hate the mornings. I
really do.

I don't feel like studying. It's soooo boring. But it must
be done. I might go to school early to read in the library.
Pfff, I'm better off sleeping until noon, then go to class! lol

Anyways, just wanted to write in here today. Don't have much
to discuss. I'm feeling good about everything that is going
on. I'm keeping positive. Like my mother says, God has a
plan for everything. We may not see the reason behind our
tough times, But God has it allllll taken care of.

Now, seeing as how I started something... It got my
thinking. What is it about the relationship did I learn?

That I'm very patient and understanding.
That I can be jealous.
I'm giving.
I ca be myself, but shy at the same time.
I don't speak my mind. (which i know i should)
I'm not easy.
When I'm out with friends, don't ignore him and stay with my
friends. (even though he did it too, or he did it becuase he
saw that I did it too)

I guess the whole reason for this relationship is for me to
experience a relationship with a nice well-rounded guy. To
experience how it would be to have our friends get along so
well, as well our each other getting along with our
families. To be with a guy who respects me physically and
I don't hate him. I thank him for a great 7 months. I really
do. They were memorable.

Now, my next boyfriend has some competition! lol