Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-10-21 14:43:00 (UTC)

Good Morning

I went to bed late last night and woke up early this
morning. I can't get my ex off my mind. Everytime my mother
sees me, she's always asking, Are you ok? LOL, I think it's
because I have this blank stare on my face. It's my thinking
face. lol

I won't be dating for a bit. I just want to go clubbin and
have fun without thinking...oh shit, i have to calm myself,
my boyfriend and his friends are watching me. Not any more
bitches!!!!! hahahaha

My buddy who's so in love with me, got my friends and I hook
ups to a club in downtown toronto. He did it for sure
because im single now and because the day after my exbf
broke up with me, i went drinking with a few friends. I came
home that night and spoke to him on msn, and yes i was a bit
tipsy and flirty. Blah, i talked a lot of shit saying i'll
make out with him if he comes clubbing with us and how we
should hang out next friday...blah blah....

Gosh, i don't want anything to do with him. I like him
because he's kind, friendly, smart, responsible. He seems
like a guy that would take care of his girlfriends wants and
needs and show his affection to her without thinking about
what his buddies are saying.

But, no, he's 5 years older then me. I can't do that. If we
do date, everything is going to do by quick fast. He'll want
to get married, start a family soon. No thanks. I want to
enjoy my early twenties thank you very much!

Anyways, I'm going out with my dad today. We're going to
this italian wine thingy. It'll be interesting.