Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2007-10-21 09:11:37 (UTC)

back at zero

I wonder if anyone reads this, I don't much think
so, I never write anything particularly interesting,
anymore. Actually, I wonder if i ever did. It's a
hard thing to realize, that when you've made some
rather giant leaps, you discover much to your dismay
that, leaving where you'd been, meant falling down.

and not just falling down, but not even landing,
anywhere near what could be considered as fair or
even terrain. It's an odd feeling, I can't quite
seem to describe it. But there it is, for what
ever that's worth.

choices. we all make choices, I seem to constantly
make the wrong ones. which really sucks. But, here
I am, and I have no idea what the right choice is
to move to next. I don't even see any choices.

seems like. I'm at zero ground, with nothing to
build up. there's a foundation somewhere, but hell
if I know where to start. or how.