Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-10-21 02:36:30 (UTC)

ex-gf duty

I gave his stuff back today.

His mom was at the door. She was very nice to me. She wanted
me to stay for dinner with the family (excluding my ex, who
was at work). I told her I just came back to give him his
stuff back and I had to go since my friends were waiting for
me outside. She then grab some juice and gave them to my
friends. She's nice.

Do you think she feels sorry that her son ended it with me?

Whatever the reason may be, I'm not mad at him for doing
what he did. I still like his family, friends and him.

But.... I'm moving on.

He was stupid to let me go. His friends all said it. I'm a
good catch. (not being selfish)

All i can say is.....NEXT!