Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
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2007-10-19 22:15:54 (UTC)

So it comes to tis

I went through this more times than i would like to admit
to. Yes i have issues with trust. I know that but is it
really my fault if the person is suspect. I dont usually
look at his emails but this particular page was already up.
I know that you cant get mad at something you do know but
waht if you have this nagging feeling that something is
wrong. I went to the bathroom yesterday and noticed white
film on my panties, now yes it is true that women have
discharge and yes it true that some birth controls cause
discharge. My reason for saying that is my ex cheated i
ended up with clamidya, my fiance pages on this site has
notes asking chicks for their number and everytime i bring
it up he has an excuse for everything: He already new her
so asking for her number again isnt really asking for her
number, he dont know her, they are just friendss, when she
asked can i kidnap you again she was referring to a inside
joke between them. What the fuck???? If i did something
like that i would never here the end of it, and we prolly
wouldnt be together. Huh, i dont know what to do, im stress
over him and for what. I swear if i catch something from
him, he is going to wish we never met..

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