Confessions of a troubled pre-teen
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2007-10-18 08:33:21 (UTC)

lol at all of my old posts. i..

lol at all of my old posts.
i was such a different person back in primary school and
year 7.
In 2007 i have grown up so much,
i had friendship issues which lead to me crying every
night and wanting to leave school.
One of my bestfriends decided she hated me and that no one
else in the group could be my friend she also left out
one of my other friends.
me and this other girl, luci had a hard time finding a new
group after that.
but Then i told my self to get over it and ended up making
some great friends with a group of girls at camp.
i guess everyone has these sorts of issues in highschool.

I look different now to. I have blonde hair and tons of
more self confidence. Boys are noticing me now and that
feels good cos i was the chubby girl with gapped teeth for
so long. [ bracesss soon :( ]

lol at me being so interested in adam at the start of yr 7
because now that he likes me i find him annoying and well
ill say not attractive. I do like a boy though, i dnt know
him very well but i feel this huge attraction to him and
his personality type as well as who he is in the group of
friends i have.

hmm this is all i cbf to write at the moment
might add more later