soul survivor
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2007-10-15 06:45:15 (UTC)

Everything is like mind boggeling

Dear Journal
I'm like going back and forth with this cameron and i
thing. Going back and forth whether to stay or like leave.
Things are just soooo different just cause we don't do
anything anymore. All i do is stay at his place when he's
on his days off i wanna do things go out hang out. All he
does is play world of war craft! it's fustrating cause is
this how it's always going to be when where together. i
feel like i'm getting bored with this relationship actually
i am bored. i'm like an active person and i wanna go out
and do things. i wanna go to edmonton for a nite or a day.
i wanna do something spontaneous! everything just not the
same. i don't if cam just doesn't want to cause he feels he
doesn't have the money. i should really start saving just
in case soemthing does happen!. Is Cameron the person i
want in my life. Can he provide for me and take care of me!
and treat me like a gold. Looks my name does prove
itself "ROYAL" i like being treated well and like shopping
sure i like to be spoiled but in the long run can he really
be the one for me?? No matter what can he take care of me!
no matter what type of job i have. i love what i do. he
stands by me. But when were married will he be true to his
word!??? He's not supportive by anymeans i wanna do make
up i wanna do fashion i wanna do lots of things.

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