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2007-10-13 17:25:18 (UTC)

So... What I don t understand..

So... What I don't understand is this.

What did I do? I didn't do anything but obviously I did

She doesan't call me.
She doesan't text me... And she use to 50 times a day!!!!

Then she goes on, saying I don't love you... And.. Yeah.
That hurt. But why did she lie? She said I love you every
day up till now and its bullshit... What did I do?

I had to of done something... And its obvious that no one
cares... again.

Everyone who's screwed me over, everyone... Seems to come
out better for it...

I can barely sleep at night... I'm starting to slowly lose
everything... Everything. I'm exhausted. I haven't really
eaten in awhile... im so hungry and tired... But I don't
deserve either...

Not until I figure this out... Why doesan't she talk to me? all.

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