I Debbie...
2007-10-11 02:27:14 (UTC)

And the New Days Await

It is now mid October. Bittersweet days as this also marks
the onsought of Sweetest Day. Scott got me a wonderful and
awesome bouquet when we were together. But as for work it
has gotten better. The two Sh did indeed leave as has the
four year old teacher. They hired a lady for thw two's who
is okay. Nothing like any of the ones she replaced. B in
my room is abit on the neurotic side but at least she is
more respectful. And Hashim is back. I just love my
daycare son. He is so awesome. We are low on babies agian
but I will ride the tide out to see where it leads.

Friday we are going to St Louis to meet up with Tom and
his new lady. Netty. I am not sure what to expect.
Especially since the other night he implied that she is
really old. Well he wouldn't tell me her age after he made
this big tadoo about how she was nervous about us being so
much younger. Like what is she 60 or something. I mean I
don't really care per say but this could be why she was so
perticular about things and such a plan hog. I don't know.
Then the comment he made one time when he was overdrunk
about me being , get this, jealous of her has me still abit
confused. Jealous of what? A man who is stuck in a rut and
has to get drunk every chance he gets on the weekends? A
man who gets so overdrunk he pees in his bed and then
calls it sweat? I mean he is a great financial guy but I
am not by any means jealous of her. I don't even know her
yet. I just hope she is able to hang with us and doesn't
end up to be worse than Linda. Cause there is worse!!

I Debbie

Have At It!!!!

Well we met her and she is close to 60. Just got her AARP
card which by the way you have to apply for. And she kinda
looks like a cross between Linda and Gina, Mike S.
girlfriend. Very bossy. Kept opening my car door for me.
Like whats that about. But Brianna has a point. I am
looking at it from the friend position. I guess if Tom's
happy that is all that should matter. But I just don't get