Young and Restless
2001-10-09 20:48:36 (UTC)

It's been so long...

Holy shit it's been a while since I wrote here... I read my
past entries... how strange it is to go back in time to
those three days! I remember them well. Anyway I am home
from school today ( I am in highschool, now ) Today was
picture retake day so I had to go to school for that. But I
was at home before that and am now, afterwards. Damn, those
old entries are so long! This one probably won't be... Aww
well... Anyways I got to go to school to get my pix during
lunch, and so I got to see my friends ( the ones with 2nd
lunch at least ) and Jesse Fieldson hugged me like 20 times
in as many minutes. I gave him the note I had for him, and
I gave Nathan Dickeson his note too. Nathan is the one I
really wanted to see- and I am glad I got to. So anyways, I
am home now and feeling bad about missing my 4th period
class. The lady in the Attendence office where I am a T.A.
is called Grandma (mrs. oster). I feel bad leaving all my
work for Gramma to do!! Too late now, it's over with.
School's almost out! I am missing keyboarding class right
now. Isn't it pretty obvious that I don't need it!? I type
great! Jo and I are friends again... after the huge fight
we were in that lasted like 4-5 monthes. We traded shoes
again, but this time my mom didnt care. We made a plan to
switch every month. Desi and Jo are good friends now...
which is bad because Jo is getting Desi into crank. I love
desi way too much to let her do that, although I can't
figure out how to stop her... I think maybe I will talk to
Jo about it. I am getting some shrooms pretty soon- I will
probably trip with Jo or Desi. Jo has never done it before
so I probably wanna be with someone who has... (desi) Well
I am gunna go... I am really bored and my eyes are starting
to get tired. I feel yucky still anyways. Hopefully I won't
forget about this diary again... although I know I will.

talk soon,
Kitty *muffy*

PS I bought my first carton last night... *sigh* relief!