more human than human
2007-10-03 08:34:09 (UTC)

Goodbye, Ross

You didn't know what a bear hug was unless he'd given you
one. You didn't know a hockey fan till you met him. You
didn't know the passion of a musician without hearing him
play. You didn't know how how hard you could laugh until
he made you. You didn't know how quickly a bad day could
be turned around until the day he cheered you up. And you
didn't know how closely he treasured his friends until you
saw him, 6 years after the fact, and he still remembered
your name.

The world has lost many great people before, and
unfortunately one more has been added to that list;
however; to those who knew Ross Moroz, he wasn't just one
more fallen friend. He has taken a part of every person he
met; no one who has seen that smile will forget him, and
realising we will never again hear that laugh will make
many of us cry for a long time to come.