taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2007-10-02 03:32:57 (UTC)

Drunken Ex-Cop

My uncle Bob is a jerk. His wife, Aunt Liz, got out of the
hospital yesterday after recovering from a nasty bowel
blockage problem and stayed at our house for the night
rather than trekking back to her home in Pembroke.

Today, uncle Bob came and picked her up and he didn't even
give her a hug or warm embrace upon seeing her.

He doesn't help around the house, leaving his 13-year-old
son, my cousin, to do laundry, make the dinners, pack
lunches for him and his brother, and absorb verbal assualt
from you-know-who while aunt Liz works all day.

I never liked uncle Bob after he made a series of very
prejudicial, homophobic jokes one Father's Day. He is also
xenophobic towards many other minority groups.

I'm of the mind that he probably had a less than stellar

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