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2007-09-30 11:55:58 (UTC)

Healing of a social disorder - Despersonalization

I have it after one week tooking patches for gastrite. An
collateral effect. I am healing because I used the friends
to visit them on sundays and walk with them on small shop
mall on friday night Without any other patch

A wikipedia issue about the nowadays social disease
Thanks by reading

Depersonalization Disorder (DPD) is a dissociative disorder
in which sufferers are affected by persistent feelings of
depersonalization. The symptoms include a sense of
automation, feeling a disconnection from one's body, and
difficulty relating oneself to reality.
Occasional moments of depersonalization are normal, but a
persistent feeling is not. Brief periods of
depersonalization are notably caused by stress, a lack of
sleep, or a combination. It becomes a disorder when the
dissociation interferes with the social and occupational
functions necessary to everyday living. Often a victim of
DPD feels as if he or she is going insane, though this is
almost never the case.
Depersonalization disorder is often associated as a
comorbid disorder of anxiety disorders, panic disorders,
clinical depression, and/or bipolar disorder. Anxiety can
exacerbate depersonalization symptoms. In addition, DPD can
cause anxiety since the person feels abnormal and uneasy at
the loss of their sense of self.
Reality testing remains intact during episodes and
continuous depersonalization, meaning that a person
suffering from the disorder will be able to respond to
questions and interact normally with his or her
environment. This fact can be distressing for those with
DPD; the friends and family of the victim do not realise
that anything is wrong, because a person with DPD will
usually not be visibly distraught. While a nuisance, and
very distressing to the sufferer, people with
depersonalization disorder represent no risk to society,
since their grasp on reality remains intact.