Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-09-28 03:39:26 (UTC)

sept. 27, 07

I saw my boyfriend after 10 days. Ha, I may seem like a kid
counting the days that I haven't seen my boyfriend. But it's
not reeeally like that. We use to always see each other, but
now that school started, we're both busy.

Speaking of counting, 6 days left until my mother comes home
and my life is back to normal. I don't know how my mother
went to school, took care of 3 kids and maintain housework.
Damn. My mother is a strong woman. I look up to her in many
ways. I never see it her way, but I do now. Now that my
mother and I are close. She actually tells me how she thinks
things through, now i don't really see her as being crazy
(like back when i was younger....ya, she seemed crazy). I
missed her. Surprisingly I did pretty well since my mom was
gone. I stayed focused, i stayed strong and i did what
needed to be done without crying; looking for sympathy. I
think part of it was because I went away by myself to
Alberta a week before my mom left. So during the time i was
away, I had to cope with being away from everyone. IT WAS
REALLY HARD. I cried myself to sleep the first 4 days. Sad.
But it was my very first time away from all my friends and
family. Anyways, i think that helped me cope with my mom
leaving for awhile and of course I have to thank my 2
bitches and my boyfriend. My boyfriend for knocking some
sense into me and my 2 bitches for taking me out during the

As for school, I think I'll be alright =)