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2007-09-25 04:44:40 (UTC)

Monday, a blue monday mind you

I like blue mondays

better than gold mondays

but i think gold fridays are the best

cuz it's friday and it means I get a blue monday



physics test was ok i swear the EC isn't possible though
i wrote a note to ryan while i was waiting for class to be

i even wrote my notes for the class in the note hahahaha


marine science is a waste of time as usual

sub in band

we all know how those go over

not well

ryan wrote me a not back

umm xc

i went into it kinda sour

but i ended up doing the 7 mile loop

in 70 min

without stopping

yay me

oh on the way there i was stopped at a light and then
merch pulls up behind me and he's like a major speeder in
on the race to get there so I'm like ok I can handle
merch. And then jono pulls up behind him and then i'm like
oh crap. So i pull over on the way into arcadia and let
them go by me. According to them it was a very wise

no kidding I learned not to be in front of merch or jono
the hard way the first day





math hw which was short and is all i have to do left for
gold day tuesday, tomorrow

and more computer and i'm still sick

and i feel a rift growing

and it's sad and i don't like it

but i guess if i let go and he comes back then we're good

so we'll see

i care

usually i'd say i don't care there, but we all know
that'll be a lie



so is life

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