Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2007-09-24 20:56:05 (UTC)

work, play, bored

Broke up with the girl. there's just too much baggage from
her last relationship that made her pretty miserable, and
to be fair, there were things she wanted out of it that I
knew I wouldn't be able to, or want to be able to deal with.

I just have this thing about if I am with someone that they
want to work, and have kids eventually, but the whole idea
of a stay at home housewife, that's just not for me. My mom
never did it, my grandmama never did, and I'm just too, I
don't know the right word, but I don't want to be with someone
who does want to be barefoot and pregnant thier whole life.

Which is not to say, that having a child and staying home for
a year or two is a bad thing, in fact I would tend to agree
that a mother should, but I want a girl/woman, who's got some
ambition in life, who wants to be more than just a wife and
mother, who wants to go somewhere and see something.

Work is alright, I slog it out at the VLT counter, it's very
boring, same with the Beer Store, eventually they'll put me
into the Front Desk, but I'm really loathe to do that, but it
is a hotel and they'll put me where they need me. I've tried
to show little inclination towards being "indispensable", but
then, really, I don't much care. The job is good, the people
with the exception of two of the 3 managers are good, the
other two are morons, one is lazier than I am, so I don't know
that I dislike him, so much as I think I'd like to him, lol.

I'm actually quite at a loss, still in the hole, still trying
to dig my way out. I'll sort stuff out eventually. But for now
it's seems as though I'm here, and not going anywhere.