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2007-09-24 18:48:31 (UTC)

Derrick in contemporary society

I dread venturing into the outside world. Last week I went
to Pub Italia on Preston Street. It was good to get out
into a public setting at first. My most recurring thought
as I was mingling with people I mostly didn't know
was, "I'm going to have to go to the bathroom sooner or
later. I hope there aren't any staires that lead down to
it. I know how these old Ottawa restaurants work."

Half way through my 2nd Stella I can no longer hold it. To
my delight, there are only 3 minor staires down, and 5 up
(hard to explain, but take my work for it). Bathroom trip
#1 goes smoothly. Fifteen minutes later, feeling a bit
less clouded by anxiousness, I make my way back to the
bathroom. I exit the stall, lose my balance, bump into the
wall with somewhat of a thud, and proceed to wash my hands.
"Having a good night are we?" ... Let the shit show
begin. "Uh, yea..." I want to unload on this guy and his
ten pound bag of wrongful assumption. But I don't, I
can't. I'm a guy this is a pub, natural conclusion upon
witnessing an act of lost balance is deeeeeeeeeerunk.
"You must be feeling good." -peachy. "Yah, I'm feeling
pretty good. he he." The walk back to the table is long

Fast forward to the end of the night. Exiting the pub,
almost home free, let's conjure up some grace! I've only
had 3 goddamn beers. Fucking 3. But it's dark, I trip on a
peice of dust, I believe, and fly head-long, arms
flailing, into walls, barrells, I don't remember. I
somehow keep my uprightedness about me and leave through
the doors. Everyone in and around the entrance giggles at
the crazy drunk man.

Would a cane have helped? Maybe.

Derrick in contemporary society is struck with awe and
sadness and memories of a more deft past. He feels further
disconnected to his peers, friends, and family every day.
He wants to adapt and make the best of a situation he
tries hard to come to grips with. Many of his efforts
serve only to fortify the divide and employ exhaustion. He
loves his girlfriend and his few close friends and uses
them as motivation. Derrick in contemporary society wants
to write a more positive entry on different topics like
astronamy or the lack of good radio stations.

Now it is time to take a shower.

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